Magic Flight Launch Box Bong + Schlauch Adapter
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Magic Flight Launch Box Bong + Schlauch Adapter

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Bongadapter mit Schlauch für die Magic Flight Launch Box. Dieser Adapter verfügt über einen 14,5er Schliff, kann aber mittels Schliffadapter auch mit 18,8er Bongs benutzt werden.

Natürlich sind neben dem Adapter selbst auch alle nötigen Zubehörteile wie Dichtungen etc im Lieferumfang enthalten.
Magic Flight
29,95 €
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Magic Flight Launch Bong

5 von 5 Sternen
von Vapo am 02.08.15

Should have a little card attached that tells you what to do with the "Silicone Dielectric Compound". Thanks for the info Corey. Good whip, and it matches nice with the MFLB.

Whip me, I'm famous!

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von Corey am 23.07.14

Approx 45cm long without counting the wood part. Glass On Glass size = 14mm Stem size = 6mm (seems to be acrylic, not glass, 90° alcohol might break it if not quickly rinsed with water) The hose is made of Silicone and therefore totally safe for vaping. It is shipped with a grease "Silicone Dielectric Compound" and from what I read, Magic Flight suggest you to use it for the Glass On Glass part. It is supposed to avoid the glass to be stuck in another part, rub it with Q-tips. Feel free not to use it, it's just a bonus. Note: While unboxing the whip, I noticed the hose was really "sticky" and stuck to itself, gently pull it off itself like you would do with a water hose, it won't break. Also, near the wood part, the hose was sort of glued from inside due to the circle shape. I had to pinch it quite hard to fix it. No worries though, there's no grease or glue of any sort, it's just the result of long storage.

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